Sunday, 29 September 2013

Enter the Guards AAR

A Lock ‘n Load scenario, Stalingrad 1942.The street lay silent, none daring to move for fear of attracting the attention of ever watchful snipers. The lulls between the intense firefights were short and filled with nervous tension, as men surviving on a minute by minute basis, prepared for the next round of fighting. Lt. Petrov, was the first to act. He saw movement across the street, screamed his orders and sub-machine gunners responded with devastating effect.

The Russian module ‘Not One Step Back’ brings the Russian
order of battle into the Lock ’n Load system.
The base game ‘Band of Heroes’ must also be owned.

This article will be a straight forward AAR - anyone wanting a detailed look at the system should refer to my earlier post called 'Heroes of the Blitzkrieg' (see labels on the right under Lock 'n Load).

Those with a fondness of the first scenario in Basic Squad Leader (1977) ‘The Guards Counterattack’, will smile as they set this scenario up.

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

L'nL System study and AAR

Heroes of the Blitzkrieg - World War II tactical system by Lock ‘n’ Load.

HoB is a stand alone game covering French (and Belgian) v German tactical actions from the 1940 period. It comes with V3 of the L’n’L series rules.

L’n’L do some nice box cover artwork - but this cover doesn’t do it for me.
I’ve never really been a fan of photographs as box art and this feels bland compared
to the really nice work done on the contents.

V3 rules cover - some box art based around around this image
done as a painting might have been a better prospect.

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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Generic WWII tactical scenario for Retro

Scenario Z: Defiant Stand

This is a generic scenario that I put together a few years ago for the Retro variant from Minden Games. The idea is that it can be played with most tactical WWII systems with relatively little tinkering. It should be able to work with most nationalities. I don't normally ask for comments, but I would like to hear from anyone as to what system they used it with and how it worked out, as I have another scenario lined up that involves 'hitting the beaches' and the feedback would be helpful.

Retro 4th edition is a variant set of rules that can be used with different types of
tactical game designs. While the terminology used makes it ASL friendly, with varying
adjustments, I have used it with four other tactical systems.