Friday, 25 October 2013

Video for the Verkhne-Kumsky mini campaign

Verkhne-Kumsky, a mini campaign covering a four day slice of Operation Winter Storm 1942.

Copyright - Norman Smith

Just a short video covering the basics of a mini campaign that I have been working on for Operation Winterstorm 1942, using the Lock'nLoad system. The game files are held over at Boardgamegeek - see below link.

You can enlarge the video screen, the image gets a bit stretched, but generally looks OK.

Boardgamegeek host the download. It is a free PDF, I hope you enjoy looking at it.




  1. Looks excellent! Thanks for investing the time.

  2. Kev, thanks very much. I have just played scenario 4 (counter attack on the village) tonight face to face and it literally went down to the last die roll, so I am pleased with that result.

    saw your write-up for Ring of hills and enjoyed it very much - that was a hell of a melee stack :-)

  3. That's great stuff - nice work. I will be posting this on my blog. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for supporting the post. I have a write up ready to compliment the video, which I will post here over the next few days. It is an AAR on one of my playtest campaign games, so is a snapshot from the development process.

  5. Nicely done Norm. I don't own Band of Heroes series, but I would use your campaign with the ASK Starter Kit stuff that I own. :)

  6. Hi Dave, it would be interesting to see how other systems would play out with boards swapped out and approximate order of battles translated. When the Nations at War Russian module comes out, I will look at doing something with four boards permanently set up as the campaign area, as I did for the Panzer Grenadier system (see Verkhne-Kumsky AAR notes at the foot of that post), for something in the Kursk area, since the order of battle for that module will be Kursk centric.