Saturday, 28 December 2013

Ghost Panzer infantry - video


This is a look at the infantry from the Ghost Panzer game by Worthington Games. It brings their Band of Brothers system to the east front by examining the actions involving 11th Panzer Division.


The below link will take you to the YouTube file.


Note, a friendly contributor over at boardgamegeek has designed some labels that can be glued onto the infantry counters contained in the sister game - 'Screaming Eagles', so that they can be used with V2 of the rules. I understand that Worthington Games may do a replacement Screaming Eagles sheet in due course, but I have used the BGG labels to modify my SE counters in the meantime. Here are a couple of examples.


I have used a brother printer, the grey is close to the original though the green is a bit off (my flash photography exaggerates the differences though). Anyway a helpful and functional solution to anyone who doesn't mind a bit of crafting.

I used 120gm Matt paper because I think the results were a bit sharper compared to my testing with a self adhesive label, plus the final job might stand up to better handling with the heavier paper, but the thickness of the 120gm can be felt on the counter, as it gives a 'hard lip' to the label edge, probably from the hardened glue. I used a UHU stick glue. It took around 2 hours to complete the task.


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