Wednesday, 29 January 2014

6mm / 10mm Project - wargaming in small spaces.

Introduction - the basics.

As much as I love the grand spectacle of big tables, dressed with beautiful terrain and occupied by dazzling 28mm figures, parading on their generous frontages, the truth is, this style of wargaming does need plenty of space for both play and storage. In my own situation of now living in a smaller place and having back trouble that makes leaning over tables somewhat perilous, any figure gaming is now better suited to a compact setup (by that, I mean smaller than dining table size for solitaire play). This has led to my latest project - marrying up a small 6mm scale with a pinboard sized playing area.

I am guessing that for various reasons, there are plenty of gamers looking for a compact way to run their miniature games and so I am starting what I hope will be a collection of posts themed around this project, that may be of interest to others. Those who are already doing it, please add your thoughts to these posts, it would be good to hear from you.

This project is being done from scratch, so any readers who have not done miniatures before can join in and even modify the project for their own needs, for example going to a larger / smaller play area or translating a boardgame to a figure game, or whatever.

6mm Empress Dragoons (Heroics & Ros).

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tiger Vs T-34 analysis in Band of Brothers

For those gamers who have a keen interest in WWII tactical wargames, these two vehicles will be well known to them and so they make an interesting study when trying to analyse the Band of Brothers (BoB) system and its gun / armour relationships.

An iPad doodle of the T-34

At the time of writing, we do not actually have any official scenarios in which these two vehicles meet. The Russian module 'Ghost Panzer' does not have the Tiger I (though it does use the 88/56 gun in an anti-tank role, appearing in several scenarios) however, the sister game, 'Screaming Eagles' does, so this article uses the game parts from both modules to make its observations.

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Friday, 3 January 2014

Ghost Panzer - replay

Ghost Panzer is a tactical WWII game from Worthington Games, with counters representing squads and individual vehicles, covering the early and mid war actions of 11th Panzer Division on the eastern front.

The following account is a scenario replay, together with a description of the systems used.

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