Sunday, 23 March 2014

6mm / 10mm Pinboard Project - Second Month

This is the third monthly posting on the progress of my 'pinboard' project. If you are new to these posts, you may wish to browse the two earlier posts before reading on, so that the comments here can be taken in context of what has gone before.



While not yet getting to the stage of putting a game on the table, this month has been both busy and useful in getting the basics right, to make this project work for me. I have painted and based all of my sample units that I bought to help me decide upon scales and basing systems. I have also been looking at rules, playing around with grids and doing more scenery, including painting up my new Baccus rivers. Full details follow;

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Danube 20: Aspern-Essling 1809

Danube 20 from Victory Point Games covers the Wagram and Aspern-Essling battles from the 1809 campaign. The following is an AAR on the Aspern-Essling game. For an actual examination of how the Napoleonic 20 system works, please see my earlier posts on Borodino 20 and Waterloo 20.

LINK Borodino -

Link Waterloo -

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hammerhead wargame show 2014

Although the show is new to me as a first time visitor, Hammerhead has been successfully growing for a number of years. Organised by Kallistra and The Forest Outlaws Wargamers Club, with assistance from GCN and COGS. This year the Cedric Ford Pavillion was a new venue for the show and as a visitor, I thought the space felt just right for the trader / game / customer numbers.

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