Saturday, 28 June 2014

Escaping Bobruisk - June 1944

Since my last AAR using the 'Into Battle' rules for WWII hex based games, the rules have had some further tweaks, refinements and streamlining and are now pretty tight and ready for sharing.

Indeed this posting session was intended to support their release, but something begged to be added. I recently picked up twelve 10mm Vehicles from Pendraken to round out my initial Rusian and German forces for circa 1943. Amongst them was the Sd Kfz 243/2 Puma armoured car, which was a last minute addition made to the order.

After painting it up, I just wanted to get it into a scenario. It reminded me of the Matchbox 1/72 Puma model that I built as a teenager, which came with its own diorama (street scene) that made it rather unusual at the time and so I made a bit of an extra effort putting it together. Anyway, no doubt with that nostalgic aspect in mind, I wanted to build a scenario around this vehicle - making a total of 6 scenarios to go into in the rule book, which seems a nice round number.

The following post looks at how the scenario took life and how it plays out in an AAR (plus news on the release of the rules). Please click on 'Read More' for the rest of this post.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Operation Battleaxe 1941

Operation Battleaxe, Wavell Vs Rommel, 1941 covers the Allied offensive in North Africa during June 1941. The game is a joint venture between designer Mike Rinella (of Take Aim designs) and game publishers Revolution Games.

The game uses the Area Impulse system, similar to that used in some of Mike's other designs such as Monty's Gamble and Breakthrough: Cambrai and the games in the 'Storm Over' series such as Arnhem and and Stalingrad.

As usual, this post will highlight game play by way of an AAR.

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Phalanx 2014 Wargame Show

A firm favourite show of mine, Phalanx is held at the Sutton Leisure Centre, St. Helens, Merseyside and is superbly organised by the Spartans (St. Helens Wargame Society). It can easily be taken for granted as to how much effort from everyone it takes to make a successful show, so before I start - thank you to all those that make this show possible each year.

The venue offers a spacious sports hall, traders are there in good numbers and variety and there are plenty of games to inspire. It is surprising that considering the North West has two large cities (Liverpool and Manchester) in close proximity and North Wales and Cumbria on the doorstep, that the wargame circuit is really only represented in the region by this one show, making it all the more important to make sure that this show prospers (I say this against a backdrop of economic difficulty and a sense that we may be potentially seeing a movement towards fewer but bigger shows).

Full show report follows, please press 'read more' for the rest of this post.