Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Invasion of Russia (1812)

The Invasion of Russia is a new title from Europa Simulazioni, designed by Stephen Pole and developed by Nicola Contardi. It is the first game of a potential new series (dependent upon sales) on the campaigns of the Napoleonic wars at the strategic level.

We are presented with the Russian campaign of 1812 running from June 1812 to January 1813 and a bonus scenario that looks at an alternative history in which the French decide not to press on towards Moscow in 1812, but rather wait and renew the campaign in the summer of 1813.

This post will examine the system in some detail by way of an AAR covering the historical scenario, with particular emphasis given to the sequence of play during turn 1.

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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Free WWII hex based Rules

At last I am ready to round out those recent posts covering WWII tactical games on a pinboard sized gaming area using hexes and my own home brew rules. After much reworking, the rules are in good shape for sharing. They included quick play sheets, examples of play and video links with more examples of play. The current army lists are based around east front 1943 - 44 and six scenarios are included, with one of them inspiring a renaming of the rules - Tigers at Minsk.

The rules have been posted to my Dropbox account (thank you Dropbox) and a link sent to (thanks Pete Jones).

This post presents my design notes, lifted from the rules, followed by video links that support examples of play, plus of course a link to the rules themselves. Please click 'read more' to get the rest of this post.