Thursday, 2 October 2014

Kallistra ACW figures - Confederates

The painting and basing of the Kallistra ACW army pack.

Earlier this year I bought Confederate and Union army packs from Kallistra. These are described as 12mm figures, which allow for 8 figures to be put in two ranks of four on a 40mm x 20mm base (supplied).

With the Confederate force now painted, I have put a video together that demonstrates what comes in the pack, how the formations look when based on a 40mm frontage, together with some painting and basing notes.

I am not a good painter and can't say that I enjoy it, so the figures are not being 'shown off' here. I have too many periods that I am interested in and this is all about getting a respectable force onto the table quickly and getting some gaming done.

The below link takes you to the YouTube video.

Link - The Kallistra ACW Confederate Army Pack


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