Friday, 28 November 2014

ASLSK #1 for beginners

War of the Rats (scenario 2) from the first ASLSK series looks at an early Russian / German action at Stalingrad 1942 as the armoured advance gave way to infantry battles.

This post is based around a replay, but rather than giving a narrative story, the notes are specifically aimed at highlighting the depth and richness of the play experience, even at this introductory level. 

The new 10th anniversary edition of the first starter module has recently been released at a buyer friendly price and concentrating on infantry actions. It gives a very good opportunity for players to dip their toe into the ASL waters. 

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

iPad, laptop or desktop, a question of posture.

This is my fourth post in a series about trying to replace a laptop with an iPad.

The reader may prefer to browse the three earlier posts before reading this, so that the path of my progress with using only the iPad can be put into context. Here is the link for the other three posts.


It is now roughly 12 months since I bought my first (and only) iPad. I have an Android phone and so have not really pursued having devices talk to each other. Over that period, I have hardly used the laptop and have even let the anti-virus software subscription run out. In addition to the typical consumption type of activity of web browsing and e-mails etc, I have been running this blog on the tablet, creating a website and putting together maps, game rules and diagrams on the iPad with increasing ease.

I am presently working on some game counter artwork (above) on the iPad using the Pro Create app and the SENSU paint brush and so basically the capability side of the machine is not in question for me and I would say that for the most part, if the laptop died tomorrow, I would not replace it with another laptop.

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Design notes and campaign AAR

This is a full replay (2nd playtest) of the Yartzevo Defiant mini-campaign module for the Tigers at Minsk rules. It shows the flow of the game, briefly describes the campaign engine and perhaps more interestingly, highlights the various rules changes that playtesting brought about.
I am putting the module through another full replay before making it available. Below is the opening blurb to the replay. please note this is a 14 page document, so make some coffee and enjoy.

To download (8.5 MB in my Dropbox) the playtest account and notes, please press HERE.

Thank you Dropbox.

Files also available via my new Commanders web site - link