Friday, 14 November 2014

Deluxe 2" hex boards for ASL

Third party ASL producers Le Franc Tireur have just released their Deluxe Pack number 1, which includes 12 scenarios and 7 large map boards.

The boards have 2" hexes and look very nice. I have done an out of the box style video.

Click HERE for the video (8 mins).

Available in the UK from www.secondchance

Link to Le Franc Tireur



  1. Norm.

    Another great video...Interesting that DASL boards are being made, I was not aware of that fact. Do you know if these boards match up with any of the original DASL boards ie roads, woods etc?

    I really enjoy tactical wargaming with 2" hexes. I currenty use Zvezda (Barbarossa/Blitzkieg) Memoir 44 and Tide of Iron boards (and tiles) to provide the necessary terrain variety I need. The tactical counters I use are ATS/ASL/ASLSK for squad level and Panzer Blitz/Panzer Leader for platoon level.

  2. Hi Dave, I think these boards might match up with the original AH boards because that board 'e' that crops up in the 1940 scenario looks like it comes from the Hedgerow Hell module (according to the internet). I did own both Hedgerow Hell and the Stalingrad sets but stupidly sold them.

    I think these boards would be useful for M44 players. The terrain is quite dense, so ideal for the Japanese based scenarios that come with the module. I can see me using these for a few different systems.

  3. I did pull the trigger on purchasing this DASL set from an online retailer in the US. I'm hoping it sells well so that future sets are produced. Mind you I have both Hedgerow Hell and Streets of Fire sets so combined with the new set it will give me 15 boards to work with.

    Thanks again for pointing me to the new set I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.