Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Design notes and campaign AAR

This is a full replay (2nd playtest) of the Yartzevo Defiant mini-campaign module for the Tigers at Minsk rules. It shows the flow of the game, briefly describes the campaign engine and perhaps more interestingly, highlights the various rules changes that playtesting brought about.
I am putting the module through another full replay before making it available. Below is the opening blurb to the replay. please note this is a 14 page document, so make some coffee and enjoy.

To download (8.5 MB in my Dropbox) the playtest account and notes, please press HERE.

Thank you Dropbox.

Files also available via my new Commanders web site - link


  1. Hello Norm

    An interesting read and a nice variation on a "piston" campaign if I may say. I trust you'll produce a similar document for the third run through?

    Also, with apologies for bringing up an unrelated issue, it is good to see you posting at The Wargames Website. I have abandoned visiting TMP due to the unsavory content of it's editorials and ultra modern board so it's nice to able to get your update notifications elsewhere.

    Regards - Russ

  2. Hi Russ, thanks for working your way through that post and for commenting. The next document (due to the work involved) will be in a shorter format just to give a flavour of the conduct of the campaign with an emphasis on design change. I would envisage that after the third playlets, the campaign module will be fit to share.

    I post in several sites and do support The War-games Website, which I hope starts to get the traction it needs to keep advertisers onside. My largest group of readers come from TMP and CSW, so I need to be active in all forums really.

    I have been working on some game counter artwork for the Tigers at Minsk system, a sample of which (infantry) is over at my Commanders website under (Creative Zone).

    1. I must admit Norm you are a talented fellow, I for one would be interested in a hex & counter version of TaM. Aside from its obvious stand alone value, someone like myself that is following along in 10mm could use it as a travel set to get a game in when they're away from home.

      As for your website, it is simple and easy to navigate both of which I regard as virtues, I already have it bookmarked.