Sunday, 24 May 2015

Campaign module for Tigers at Minsk

Yartzevo Defiant.

Even as the Germans were closing down their Kursk offensive (Operation Citadel) on the Russian front in July 1943, the Soviets had already started their counter-offensive, driving into the shoulders of the Kursk bulge. The attacks into the Northern shoulder would see the liberation of Orel followed by Smolensk and the attacks into the southern sector captured first Belgorod and then Kharkov.

This post delivers a mini-campaign, themed on part of the fighting in the north. Orel has just fallen and to the north west the Surovov Offensive opens with Smolensk as the ultimate objective. We are dealing with the first week of that offensive, where the Soviets tried to breakthrough in the direction of Yartzevo.

The campaign has been designed as a module to support my free Tigers at Minsk rules (see resources below) which manage a WWII tactical game, played out on a hex grid measuring just 8 hexes wide by 6 deep and fitting into a playing area no bigger than 3' x 2'. The module will probably convert quite easily to other rule sets and some boardgames.

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

The fight for Suetovo (Yartzevo campaign)

Yartzevo Defiant is a campaign module that I have been working on to support the Tigers at Minsk rules and it may interest owners of other rulesets. It covers a small part of the Soviet counter-offensive that followed the Kursk battles on the eastern front in 1943.

iPad art.

The module is going through a final play test and the campaign is nearing the end. Both sides have exhausted their reinforcement pool and the Soviets are preparing to attack into the town of Suetovo - a critical location at this stage of the campaign.

This post will give a brief overview of the campaign and will then cover the action at Suetovo - all of which is intended to set the scene for the release of the campaign module (free download), which should follow shortly.

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Eagles at Quatre Bras

This post covers the first few play tests of a new set of rules that I am working on with a view to getting some napoleonic games onto a hex grid within a relatively small gaming area. There are examples of both boardgame and figure game battle boards.

The units represent brigades and divisional artillery and the rules are set at the lower end of the complexity spectrum. Play is solitaire friendly and fits into an evening game session.

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