Monday, 18 April 2016

Invasion 1066 - Stamford Bridge

Invasion 1066 - Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge is the second 1066 game produced by Revolution Games, the first covering Hastings.

The games share the same system, but produce quite different gaming experiences.

This post gives an overview of the game, combined with an After Action Report.

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Friday, 8 April 2016

Tigers at Minsk - Version May 2016

Tigers at Minsk are my rules for gaming WWII tactical with hexes on small tables. The rules have been around in their current form for over 18 months and have withstood the testing of many games, so seem quite stable for a range of situations.

Artwork that I did for a boardgame version

The last time they were updated, it was simply to reduce the front armour of the StuG III by 1 point, so amendments have been minor and in keeping with that, I have just given them a further tweak to add in a few nuances, such as special traits for Hetzers and some minor changes to the Line of Sight rules.

A brief discussion follows concerning the tweaks.

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