Monday, 24 October 2016

Defiant Russia - video

Defiant Russia - The Great Patriotic War 1941, designed by William Sariego and published by Avalanche Press.

First published in 2004, this second edition brings an expansion in the map and orders of battle. Myself and Mike played the earlier edition a lot, to the extent that we took our maps to the copiers to have them enlarged. It is a fun game that allows Barbarossa to be played in an evening.


The game reminded me of the old GDW 120 series format in terms of scope and playability. I actually sold the game some years ago (regrets) and it is perhaps most memorable for the map that had a visually over-exaggerated rail net system that looked like large worms had passed under the surface of the map - the new map is more traditional in that regard and very nice.

Anyway, this post concerns itself with an out of the box video and comments on the new edition. If you have the first edition, hopefully the video will help you decide whether you want to upgrade or not. Please follow the YouTube link in the Resource section below.


Link to the video YOUTUBE LINK

Link to COMMANDERS - my sister site

Link to some comments that I made on Consimworld when the first edition was released - (note there are 4 or 5 posts of interest re how others viewed the game)


  1. Nice job on the YouTube game review, Norm!

  2. Enjoyed your U-tube review. I agree about the German counters icon, you almost loose the AFV. DR is not in my normal scale range, but it as very optional rules.
    Are going to give Texas Arrows the once over?

  3. Thanks. I will almost certainly put Defiant Russia out on the table and do repeat plays while it is up. I have the Texas Arrows module and hope to be doing something with the system soon, though I quite fancy the mega scenario in the Battle Manual (S5 - Tiger Paw). My table has been taken over by tins of paint, sand paper, screws and paint rollers etc while house renovations are going on, which is all rather frustrating.