Friday, 18 November 2016

Black Powder on a small table - all videos done!

Getting Black Powder onto a (very) small gaming space. The following links follow an AAR with examples of game mechanics demonstrated. The videos were uploaded daily as a serialised project, but here are all the links to a job done !


Video trailer - 1 minute fun intro - LINK  

Video 1 - an introduction to the battle, a discussion of the rules, situation and forces involved (uploaded 15th November 2016).  - LINK 

Video 2 - Covering troop deployment and the first turn. Includes examples of issuing orders and shooting. (Uploaded 16th November 2016) - LINK 

Video 3  - Covering Turn 2 and giving examples of charging to combat and the hand - to - hand phase. (Uploaded 17th November 2016) - LINK 

Video 4 - Covering Turns 3 to the end of the game, with examples of enfilade fire and other mechanics shown, together with quite a lot of nuances that create a bit of decision making. (Uploaded 18th November 2016) - LINK 

Link to the blog article that covers the whole thing, including scenario details etc - LINK 


  1. That was an enjoyable game in a small place, Norm! Your video provided a good intro into BP.

    I have question about your melee at the bridge on Turn 6. The Confederates dished out three hits and the Federals saved one yet only one hit was applied to the Federals. Should Federals have suffered TWO hits rather than ONE?

    Great job!

  2. Absolutely right - that was the tiredness thing in action. Since the test caused the end of the game anyway, I let it go when editing (As soon as I saw it I thought - Oh No!), but perhaps I should have put a comment on the video itself (I will add a comment to the comments section). The extra 1 casualty would in fact have taken me down from 5 to the dreaded 4 (or less) and they would have been removed from play on the break test ..... a result that I would in fact have found most acceptable from the narrative perspective. Thanks for watching them all. Cheers Norm.

  3. A very interesting and enjoyable experiment. I hope it was also enjoyable to make.

    Interesting to note that hearing your voice and listening to your naration gives a (no doubt illusory) sense of personal familiarity.

    I have been unable to decide whether or not the video clips and narrative do a better job of giving an idea of how the rules work than a series of illustrated blog posts would do. It was certainly a worthwhile undertaking at the very least.

  4. Thanks Ross, the lessons I learned were to either film in the day to get natural daylight or invest in better lighting equipment and NOT to do these things after midnight as the brain is just too tired to keep things going at a snappy pace. But as you say, over-all a worthwhile experience.

    I know you playtest a lot and it is only though play that those nuances come up that help tighten rules and I think those moments would be interesting to capture on video.