Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The Battle of Waterloo in 6mm

This post is supporting another blog- one that is most deserving of your time.

Jon Bleasdale runs a blog called Grymauch's Blo g. He is a 6mm gamer and at the moment he is running a multi part series as he plays through the Battle of Waterloo with his 6mm armies.

His table is fantastic and his AAR, which to date has reached part 4, is the most comprehensive I have come across. Not only is the effort to put such a game on notable, but the effort he puts in to recording and sharing his game with the rest of us is simply amazing.

I have included a link below for the post that he uses to introduce his game, giving a background as to how he has always wanted to do this battle properly.  His own links can be used to get the rest of his reports.

Grab a coffee and enjoy his work. It would be nice to see his blog widely followed as I am sure his hobby approach will inspire plenty of gamers.


  1. Jon's Waterloo battle is a thing of beauty. Truly spectacular.

  2. That certainly is impressive! I almost don't want to look - the difference between my table and that one is just too stark :)

  3. An amazing looking game and tabletop - nice find and thanks for sharing.

  4. Wowsa! Thanks for the lead!

  5. We each of us blog and understand just how much effort has gone into each one of Jon's posts. To create and share at that level is something to really admire.