Friday, 28 June 2013

Photography - Spitfire

Having been a keen photographer for several years, capturing wildlife, air shows and such like, it was a blow to find that following injury, I initially struggled to carry and even use a DSLR and the associated lenses.

The solution was to sell my kit and buy a high end compact. It would not cover my full range of subjects but it would allow me to continue with photography in a more practical way, plus from a storage perspective, it makes a huge difference.

I bought the Sony RX100. The main points of note are that it has a 1" sensor (very large for a compact) with high resolution, an excellent Zeiss lens and manual controls, but it does carry a premium price of currently around £430 (negated for me due to the sale of all my DSLR stuff).

While it only has a x3.6 zoom, the resolution is so good that the images can stand a fair amount of cropping. It is ideal for days out, wargame shows and to cover my gaming.

Earlier in the week, we went to Lytham near St. Annes (northwest UK), specifically to look at the spitfire that they have on outdoor display at the Fairhaven Lake marina.

This is the original photo.
The guide ropes, stand and trees all prove to be a distraction.

The distractions have been removed in my art package and I have
added some blur to the propellors to suggest movement.


The sensor has good resolution that gives plenty of detail
 and allows substantial cropping. 

Edit - another view

Just showing the cropping capability of this compact camera


  1. Norm, Nice photos of my favorite WW2 it a Spit V or IX? I know it's in the markings of a 19 squadron aircraft...was their airfield nearby? Also what graphics program did you use to remove the stand etc?

  2. Hi Dave, the serial number of the spit is W3644 and there is a website dedicated to it (google spitfire W3644), but for whatever the site won't open for me, but does for a friend, so I can't work that one out.

    There is a news blurb here with a bit of video LINK

    It is an early war Mk VB, here is an interesting link

    I'm not very keen on photo editing these days but the program I have got most used to is Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo x2 (I think the current version is x4 or x5). Adobe Elements costs a little more and is good and GIMP is free as a download, it is good but can be a bit clunky to use until you get used to it.