Saturday, 1 March 2014

Hammerhead wargame show 2014

Although the show is new to me as a first time visitor, Hammerhead has been successfully growing for a number of years. Organised by Kallistra and The Forest Outlaws Wargamers Club, with assistance from GCN and COGS. This year the Cedric Ford Pavillion was a new venue for the show and as a visitor, I thought the space felt just right for the trader / game / customer numbers.

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What I liked about the show is that every game is a participation games and this philosophy translates easily to visitor enjoyment. Two of my purchases were generated by conversations at the game tables.

I left the show at lunchtime and as a first for me, I returned later in the day and bought more things, so well done to everyone for helping to make the show splendid. I would just like to mention (and thank!) the following traders for helping me part with my cash;

kallistra (figures and terrain)

Caliver Books ( 2 sets of rules)

Coritani ( primer paint and swamp resin terrain)

4Ground (base render)

War bases ( laser cut bases, hexes and bridge)

The Baggage Train ( terrain bits - field systems)

The bring & buy section (piquet base rules and ancients supplement), the bring and buy is actually people renting tables for a Half hour slot to sell their own stuff.

So a great day. Here are a few photos of the games, I am sorry that I can't put club names to games, a ton of effort had gone into them, so I wish I could give proper credit here.

Above - my fave game of the day, am AWI game with Kallistra figures and terrain.

Above, outside the castle walls.

Above. Surprise ....... Inside the castle walls.

Above. I'm pretty sure this game had something to do with John Treadway - that being so, it's most likely Slammers.

Above played out on perhaps the biggest table, looked great in 20mm.



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