Saturday, 13 July 2019

Not a wargame of Cobb's Farm in 28mm on a small table!

This is not really the post that I had intended to write. The intention was to take the previous post about doing a Black Powder game with 12mm ACW figures on a large pinboard and transferring that scenario to a 4' x 3½' table with some 28mm figures from the Perry's 28mm ACW Battle in a Box set, in the hope of doing a post on easy entry level gaming for 28mm in a limited space and maybe encourage a new gamer or two to dip their toe in the water.

Part of  the Perry box art

It was our face-to-face night and my plan was to introduce Mike, who is predominantly a boardgame player, to the Black Powder rules. We have done occasional figure games on Kallistra hexes, but I was interested to get his opinion on the open table format and wanted his thoughts to then feed into a post that was, as said, intended to reach out to new gamers.

So, I set up the pinboard game on the dining table for a quick knock-about and rule teaching session, with the intention to then move to a temporary table that had the 28mm version of the scenario set-up, but with the measurements returned back from centimetres to inches, to see which style of game he preferred.

What could go wrong?

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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Black Powder - the mini game

We have all no doubt been in awe of the ‘largest wargame ever!’ held in Glasgow a few weeks ago, with over 20,000 figures on huge tables and a regiment or two of keen participants to take charge of the armies. It was a fantastic and very community spirited spectacle.

So, fellow gamers, I am ready to present to you the antithesis of such splendour .... The Smallest Black Powder wargame ever - probably! Yes I know, it doesn’t have the same ring to it, being fought out on a pinboard, one evening after dinner with some Rich Tea biscuits to dunk in my cuppa and the very obvious absence of BBC correspondents, but here we go anyway. :-)

This really is a post about a very small BP game, so if that sort of thing interests you, please use the ‘read more’ tab.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Phoenix 2019 wargame show report

This is the fourth year of this young show and my third year of visiting. It is held at the Rheged Centre, which is an eco friendly community venue that has enough other things going on that a non-wargaming partner or friend could enjoy, while the gamer visits the show. 

Situated in lovely Cumbria, with very easy access from the M6, being 10 minutes from Ullswater and just 17 miles from Keswick, this is an ideal Lakes District destination, making this show even more family friendly by being able to perhaps include it in a overnight or two stay in the Lakes, if you want the show to sit inside some bigger plans.

This post is just a general show report, looking at traders and games, with some observations about the show itself.