Thursday, 5 September 2019

12mm Black Powder for Salem Church scenario.

Recently I played the Salem Church boardgame from Decision Games and an interesting moment fell out of that, which involved Confederate forces attacking Salem Church from two sides.

This post looks at converting this small slice of boardgame action at this part of the battlefield to a Black Powder figure game. Conversion notes, a downloadable scenario that just uses a 3’ x 3’ table and AAR highlights follow.

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Thursday, 29 August 2019

10mm Pendraken U.S. 1944 forces - a starter army.

My recent foray into the new Blitzkrieg Commander IV rules from Pendraken, got me thinking about new 10mm armies. The two gaps that I want to start filling next are British and U.S. Western Europe 1943 - 45.

At the Phalanx wargame show in June this year, Pendraken had just put together a number of starter army packs for BKC based around 1500 point armies, so I picked the U.S. 1944 - 45 set.

These are nice sized army bundles as the contents are enough to give you a game with BKC (or other rule set), but being starter armies, they are not overwhelming to tackle as a painting project.

The rest of this post just looks at moving this starter pack from raw lead to completed game pieces.

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Monday, 26 August 2019

Salem Church 1863

This is one of the mini series titles from Decision Games that uses the Quick Play version of the Musket & Saber rules. So far the series has encompassed some AWI and Napoleonic titles, but the ACW has the most coverage.  

The series delivers games that use an 11” x 17” map, 40 counters and 4 pages of series rules, with another 2 pages of dedicated scenario rules, notes and game chart, so are notable for their small footprint. They also come in for around £11 (UK) so will meet a wider range of gamer budgets.

This post is going to look at a replay of the game, together with some observations of this scenario and the system in general.

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