Thursday, 20 February 2014

6mm / 10mm project 1st month

1st Monthly update of the pinboard project.

This is the first update on how this project is going. For those new to the project, you may want to read the original post first, so that the following can be seen in context.

Link to original post INTRODUCTION

Since the pinboard itself is somewhat central to the project, I shall start with that. I had bought the MDF version of the board with the intention of coating it with a mix of sand, filler and paint and then doing some dry brushing when dry. This would (possibly) have looked nice but would cause some minor problem for small terrain items to sit on it nicely (I am thinking of roads and streams here).

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

iPad - building a website

This is my third posting regarding my attempts to rid myself of the laptop and doing everything on the iPad, with surprising success I might add. I am now only going to the laptop every now and then, just to take images from its memory and e-mailing them across to the iPad.


This new post is about getting a web builder onto the iPad that can work independently on the iPad, without any need to use a personal computer. It also gives a link to the wargame website that I have started building to provide PDF downloads in the future for game rules etc.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Battle for Moscow - an introductory game

Battle for Moscow (Operation Typhoon 1941) covers the last stages of 1941 on the east front as the Germans make a final effort to reach Moscow.

The significant aspect of this game is that it was designed from the ground up specifically as an introductory game. It originated in 1986 when Frank Chadwick and his team from Game Designers' Workshop (a sorely missed games company) put out the game for free, to encourage new players into the fold.

Since that time, Alan Emrich and his team at Victory Point Games have put out a revised edition in 2009 and through their links with GMT, the game has also been included in issue 25 of GMT's C3i magazine.

The game has all the building blocks of the traditional wargame and introduces the universal terms such as CRT, ZOC's and Sequence of Play to the new gamer. The design not only works very well as an introductory game, but it also gives a very good game for regular wargamers.

The following highlights some of the game mechanics while playing through a recent game.