Sunday, 22 May 2016

Perry ACW 28mm Battle in a Box

Getting 28mm onto the kitchen table

Being drawn by the larger scales (1/72 and 28mm), but having limited gaming and storage space creates a contradiction that I have spent too many hours contemplating.

The Perry 28mm ACW starter set

This post is effectively a re-launch of my 1/72 and 28mm project that started in February 2015, but fizzled to a slow burn distraction. Here, a focus returns to attempt getting 28's onto a small table for a battle in which each side can have at least a brigade sized formation or two in action.

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Saturday, 14 May 2016

A new wargame shop

Wargames - Southport

I don't know what it's like in the rest of the world, but in the UK, the high street retail sector is under great pressure and shrinking. Hobby shops in general seemed an early victim and so it is pleasing to see a new hobby place open up and better still, it is called 'Wargames'.

Lovely to see that someone has the vision and confidence to bring this about, putting the shop in the high street with name 'Wargames' emblazoned boldly for all to see. A great advertisement for the hobby.

Anyway, I had heard that 'Mel the Terrain Buidler' was visiting the store to deliver a large terrain scape that he had put together for a Normandy beach landing for the Bolt Action system. So, I made my way to the store today to support the event and the rest of this post is given over to an overview of what the shop is aiming to provide and to swoon over the lovely terrain module that Mel had built.

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Iron Cross T34 v Tiger I

Iron Cross - Great Escape Games.

Iron Cross are a fast play set of WWII rules for miniatures. They use an innovative activation system, which I will briefly go into in the post, but primarily the post is about how the system portrays gun / armour tables.

Booklet cover

There are a couple of similar comparisons made for various systems between the T34/76 and the Tiger 1 on this blog and links to the relevant postings are show at the foot of this post in the resource section.

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