Saturday, 26 August 2017

Panzer by GMT - analysis of T34 v Tiger I

Panzer published by GMT and designed by James Day

As part of an ongoing series of articles that looks how individual tactical games deal with gun / armour rules, this post offers some observations about the game 'Panzer' published by GMT.

As usual, the article will be comparing how a design handles T34/76 tanks running up against a  German Tiger I, while giving some insight to design / play processes.

Above graph showing gun fire values at point blank range.

Panzer is a tank centric game that interestingly takes a more ‘hard data’ approach to processes than we are generally used to seeing in these days of abstraction based tactical games. Does this bring us closer in terms of simulation?

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Band of Brothers - Infantry Primer

Scenario 16 - To Die on Christmas

Series designer Jim Krohn, publisher Worthington Publishing.

With the recent release of Battle-Pack 1 in the Band of Brothers series, those looking for a quick refresher of the rules to ready themselves for the Battle-Pack can be well served by this short and snappy (though with a thought provoking title) scenario from the base module, Screaming Eagles.

This post uses elements of that scenario to give a memory refresh of some of the nuances of this system in relation to the infantry part of the rules.

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Celles - part of the Bulge campaign.

The Ardennes, December 23rd - 27th 1944

Battles of the Bulge Volume 1

Designed by Roger Miller, developed by Richard Handewith and published by Revolution Games. The game covers that latter part of the Bulge campaign (1944) when German forces came closest to the Meuse River.

The following post gives an overview of the game mechanics and the flow of play.

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