Saturday, 16 September 2017

Supporting Blogs

Blogs and supporting them.

Firstly, I am taking pause to stop and thank all those people have become followers of this blog. Your visible support truly encourages me to be thoughtful about my content and to keep a regular output.

Another reason for this post - Jonathan Freitag is a wargame blogger who runs a blog called Palouse Wargaming Journal.

He is just celebrating 5 years of blogging and is running a prize ‘give-away’ as a thank you to those that follow his posts.

Jonathan not only posts weekly, but he is also a prolific supporter of other peoples blogs. Top man. 

Maintaining a blog requires that most precious of commodities to us all - ‘time’ and supporting blogs by following is an important indicator to a blogger that their output is interesting to others and worth carrying on with.

Bloggers give their time freely and run blogs in the spirit of sharing, so, if you enjoy anyone’s blog content, please consider making a comment and if you find yourself repeatedly visiting the same blog, please consider becoming a follower of the blog - it really does incentivise a blogger to stick with it.

For more information about Jonathan’s thank you ‘give-away’, please use the link below.



  1. Much appreciated and well said, Norm! Five additional contest entry slips for you! Good luck in the drawing.

  2. If a chap follows a blog through Feedly, where I follow about 40, does the blog author know that he is being followed?

    1. I don't believe so. To get counted and provide visibility to the author, it is better to "Follow" on the Followers gadget. Of course, I could be completely wrong!

  3. Ah well, I'm here so Norm can add another to his list, but Feedly keeps my blog following organised by genre and stops my email getting clogged. I wouldn't do without it :0)

  4. Thanks, you raise an interesting point about a hidden audience.

    I don't really know about alternative readers for blogs, but as for following wargame websites, Shaun Travers (from Shaun's Wargaming with Miniatures blog) brought VisualPing to my attention, which gives the user alerts when a particular web page is updated. When I last looked at it, you could reference 30 pages for free and then had to subscribe. But it worked for say anyone following my 'This Week' page on my Commanders website, which I was using for a while as an alternative platform when I stopped blogging for a spell last year.

  5. I guess Feedly is a bit like VisualPing. It monitors blogs that I have linked it to for fresh writings. I run it on my browser and look in for updates during the day.
    I thought I was following 40 blogs but a count shows 83 in four main genres of which the Wargaming one is divided into four sub sections.
    It could be a good time to prune.

  6. A very good post. “Comments” and even “Likes” help greatly.

  7. Thanks, I have just popped across to your blog and enjoyed your article about Twitter. I suppose we need to stop thinking that everything on the internet is free, it's generally not and in the case of bloggers that is represented by time and effort. To stop and comment or like seems a reasonable recognition of that.