Thursday, 8 August 2019

Counter-Attack, The Power Station

The last post (link below in the Resource Section) showed a set-up for a city fight on the east front 1943, a game that unfortunately had to be set aside for a few days, but has now been played out and the flow of play recorded here.
A simple 8 x 6 grid

If you recall, Soviet assault troops were in position to counter-attack the Power Station complex that had fallen the previous day.

The rest of this post covers some of the highlights from the city fight, which includes sewer movement and the perils for armour operating in the confines of a city.

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Saturday, 3 August 2019

City fighting in 10mm on hexes - Tigers at Minsk.

It has been a while since the ‘pinboard’ city terrain made an appearance here. I have been looking at my ASL ‘Factories’ maps and thought it was about time that the 10mm troops and hexes hit the table.
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This is just an 8 x 6 hex grid (Kallistra Hexon tiles), sitting inside a large pinboard, so it can easily be moved off the table if necessary. The last time I used a similar set up, I had tried to do a ‘big’ game with too many squads and in this ‘small’ space with my Tigers at Minsk rules, the system simply allowed too much firepower and within a couple of turns, each side had dropped to their morale break points, making for a bit of an unsatisfactory game.

I don’t think I need to change the game, but rather better appreciate the working parameters of Order-of-Battle size and strength v the size of the grid being used for used for any particular given scenario. A more constrained order-of-battle for the 6 x 8 works fine (based around my experiences with the multiple battles that fell from my Yartzevo Defiant campaign - see Resource Section) and frankly, probably fits in better anyway with most gamers collections.

The rest of this post gives way to a few photographs of the ‘at start’ positions, so is a lot less ‘wordy’ than usual articles here :-), but the intention in any case is to bring focus onto how much you can put into a small space and to highlight the old cityscape post (see Resource Section for the build).

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Sunday, 28 July 2019

Moscow 1941, S&T 317 by Decision Games

An operational game covering the advance of Army Group Centre in the Autumn of 1941 in their drive for Moscow, using weekly turns, 30 miles to the hex and with units representing divisions.  The action starts from the first week in October and extends through to the New Year. The German starting positions have the recently captured Smolensk in their immediate rear.

With large hexes, Moscow itself is just 10 hexes away, but the terrain, mud, snow and resilience of the Soviet Army makes this a hard fight.

The system is heavily based around their very successful Leningrad game system and the opening rules suggest that players of Leningrad need only give a cursory read of the rules and they will be up and running with the game.

The rest of this post looks at the game and highlights a few aspects of the system, with the help of in-game photographs and comment.

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