Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Stamford Bridge 1066

With the anniversary of the battle just a week away, Invasion 1066: Stamford Bridge, of my own design and published by Revolution Games, hits the table.

The situation covers Harold’s fast response to the invasion in the north by the Viking army under King Harald Hardrada. The armies are facing each other on the mud flats near to the River Derwent.

This always gives a very different game to the hard grind of its sister design (Hastings) and is pretty much a hack’n slash affair, that generates early shocking losses by comparison.

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Friday, 11 September 2020

Battle at Dungborough 1471 with Billhooks!

Above, Perry artwork used in the rules. Taking the Never Mind the Billhooks (Wars of the Roses rules) out again for another spin, we find ourselves in the fictional county of Dungborough. It is 1471 and both armies are on the march to take the high ground that is Larkin’s Hill.

Each force is in march column with their respective Van’s in the lead, each followed by their Mainward and Rearward. Due to the high ground before them, neither side is aware of the others presence.

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Thursday, 3 September 2020

Giving the WotR Billhooks rules a first outing.

Lovely brushwork by Phil Robinson

Never Mind the Billhooks is a free set of wargame rules by Andy Callum and presented in the latest issue of Wargames Illustrated magazine.

Having tested some of the system mechanisms using just a couple of bill / archer units on the table, I decided to upscale to a trial action, using the suggested 100 point game. This was played out on a 4’ x 3½’ table with 28’s, but I am testing an idea to singly base units on 80mm frontages, whereas, I am guessing that the game uses 120mm sabots since they have unit frontages of 6 figures, ranked in two to give 12 figures per unit.

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