Monday, 23 November 2020

1471 - Stand firm, save the Treasury!

The hamlet of Piggy Longton

A background description of this battle was given in the previous post (link in the Resource Section below), but essentially, it is early 1471 and the Lancastrian Lord Darcy has just collected taxes from his estates, which are ultimately destined to be transferred to the War Chest of King Henry VI.

Neighbouring Lord Trebian, of Yorkist persuasion, is determined that this should not happen and intends to intercept the taxes for the Yorkist cause. His forces are advancing towards the Parish of Piggy Longton.

The rest of this post gives way to a scenario description and AAR, played out using the Never Mind The Billhooks rules.  

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Sunday, 22 November 2020

introductory video to the set-up for ‘Save the Taxes’

Yorkist, Lord Trebian is about to launch his assault on the Parish of Piggy Longton. The local taxes  are being evacuated to safety from the treasury at the Merchant’s House.

Will the Lancastrians get their money to Lord Darcy’s manor before the Yorkists reach the hamlet?

This is just a fun 90 second video showing the initial dispositions of the armies, I should get the game played and blogged over the next few days.


Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Preparing for war! Dungborough 1471

It is early 1471 and England is in turmoil. The stability of Henry VI’s position as King is under threat with open Yorkist intention and conspiracy fermenting. Increasing instability across most regions is giving witness to rivalry and contest between local families, with their private armies, clashing and raising tensions even further. 

Dungborough falls under the control of Lord Darcy, who has Lancastrian leanings and is pro King Henry. He is starting to get reports that Yorkist supporter, Lord Trebian, is assembling his forces in the neighbouring district of West Rottingham.

Darcy, with good reason, suspects that Trebian intends to strike at the Parish of Piggy Longton. The taxes on local estates have just been collected and are presently held at the Merchant’s House in Piggy Longton. This money is due to be transferred to Darcy’s Manor, with a significant proportion destined to then be sent onward for King Henry, who is in desperate need of tax revenue for his War Chest. Trebian no doubt intends to intercept that money.

Darcy has already sent out heralds to various parishes, with a call to arms for his men to assemble at Piggy Longton. His mounted household have been sent out scouting to the west, to get early warning of any enemy movement.

With the enemy expected to attack across Smoggy Bank Bridge to advance on Piggy Longton, both forces will be concentrating their troops around the area highlighted in blue (above).

With preparations underway, a contingent of billmen have been posted to guard the treasury at the Merchant’s House in Piggy Longton and ox pulled carts have been sent to collect the taxes and get them safely out of the parish.

Posted to guard the Merchants House (above). These men will fight to the last, rather than see their hard earned taxes stolen by the rebels.

Ox and Cart (above), readying to get the taxes out of the Merchants House and out of the parish, to the safety of Lord Darcey's manor.

Mounted cavalry (above) rushing back over the bridge with news of the first enemy sightings. Their indecent haste suggests that the Yorkists are quite close.

A friendly Column of Earl of Tredington’s contingents (above) are coming in to the Parish on the road from the south, passing Beacan Farm and leaving them a few chickens lighter.

Friar Evian (above) greets a newly arrived contingent outside the tavern. Blocking the doorway to the tavern, he dissuades them of drinking, giving them his best and most fearsome Fire and Brimstone talking to, before sending them on their way to do duty by their Lordship.

With the Lancastrians advance, pressing ever nearer to Piggy Longton, will the taxes be saved? 

There should soon be a full report of events in the Dungborough Chronicles!


A full description of the Piggy Longton Parish can be found in this earlier post. LINK