Sunday, 1 December 2019

Working on a McPherson Ridge scenario

This is intended to be a small scenario for a small table that I can use to test out different rule sets. In the first instance, I have been running it with Black Powder II.

It is the morning of the first day of the three day Gettysburg battle and Archers brigade (Confederate) is about to cross Willoughby Run with McPherson Ridge beyond as their objective.

They are up against dismounted cavalry using the scrub cover behind the far bank to delay the Confederate advance, while Union reinforcements make for the position.

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Thursday, 14 November 2019

OST Stalingrad

Old School Tactical is the series title of a WWII tactical boardgame system that to date has core modules dealing with east Front 1941 - ‘42 and West Front 1944 - ‘45. Each core module has associated expansion modules and this post is based on the Stalingrad expansion, which has just come back into print.  

Designed by Shayne Logan and published by Flying Pig, the system is immediately identifiable by the large mounted game boards, large attractive game counters and a ruleset that is very accessible, especially considering how complex this genre can get.

With the Pacific core module on the horizon, I have been re-establishing my familiarity with the system and thought a post about the Stalingrad reprint worthwhile.

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Monday, 11 November 2019

1066 - Not Hastings!

It is a beautiful morning in mid August 1066. The sun is bright, the birds are singing with the corn wafting gently in the breeze, a perfect moment for battle thought Ivor Bigbutt, local commander of the West Rottington Array.

For some months he has been in dispute with Anglo-Saxon Thegn, Walter the Tight Wad, over the payment of tribute and with the harvest approaching, Bigbutt feels a reminder as to who is really in charge is due!

With a fine body of cavalry, well supported by heavy infantry, Bigbutt set out for Dungborough yesterday. His route was to take him over Little Bump Hill and onwards to the settlement of Piggy Longton, the main town of Dungborough, to make a demonstration of force and intent.

However, Walter, aware of this raid, has brought local shire forces to block the advance and is already astride Little Bump Hill to intercept Bigbutt.

As the two armies face off, Ivor Bigbutt still fancies his chances in taking the slightly high ground of Little Bump and humiliating Tight Wad.

It looks close, with the local turf accountant Filthy Giles, taking bets of just 1:1 evens on the fortunes of Tight Wad. Will Walter the Tight Wad have his purse strings cut? Has Ivor Bigbutt become too big for his trousers? 

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