Saturday, 16 June 2018

Phalanx 2018 wargame show

Run by ‘The Spartans’ wargame club and held at Sutton Leisure Centre, near St. Helens, North West UK. This is one of the shows on my ‘must support’ circuit, with a ‘use it or lose it’ ethos.

It is a medium sized show with around 34 Traders and 23 Gaming tables.

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Sunday, 3 June 2018

Version 5 Lock 'n Load Tactical, a first look.

Lock ‘n Load Tactical is a boardgame covering WWII and modern combat at the tactical level, with counters representing individual squads, vehicles and support weapons. Hexes represent about 50 metres of ground.

The system is already mature with a large selection of kit available and various theatres of war covered, making it popular amongst tactical gamers. The company have just updated the system  core rules from version 4.1 to V5 and this post looks at the main areas of change and headlines some of the new rules.

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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Two Flags - One Nation Version May 2018

These hex based rules have been back on the table recently with the ‘Battle for Ball’s Ford’ scenario (as blogged a few weeks ago) and this caused me to have a re-look as to how some things were working for the good or bad. 

I like the general thrust and intention of the rules, but they continued to feel a little awkward in places and an ultimate goal of more fully merging my ACW and Napoleonic sets had become somewhat mired.

Several small adjustments have been made, but five changes are actually fairly significant.

In brief they are; the Game Clock has gone, the Post Close Combat Results Table has gone, units do not make a post Close Combat Capability Test, The Retreat and Rout Phases have been combined  into one phase and when defenders being charged take their Capability Test and pass, they are presented with options other than just firing. This last point will have greater use in the Napoleonic set as it will be the mechanic for determining whether units make it into square etc.

Anyway, the changes have meant that the design notes have needed to be modified and they are presented in full here for a deeper explanation of the system.

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