Thursday, 30 June 2022

Quatre Bras 1815 (Jours de Gloire)

A perennial favourite battle from the Waterloo campaign. At Quatre Bras it was the French commander’s task to prevent the Coalition forces under Wellington from supporting their Prussian allies, who were just a few miles away at Ligny, engaged in battle with Napoleon and the bulk of the French army.

Today, we are putting to the table, the 39th published Napoleonic battle in the Jours de Gloire system, published by Ludifolie Editions under the Canons en Carton label and designed by Frédéric Bey.

The following post will just highlight a few basic notable aspects of the rules and then give an AAR of the battle that will weave both narrative and system into the descriptive. Please use the ‘read more’ tab for the rest of this post.

Thursday, 23 June 2022

1066 Pocket Armies - the green shoots

The above graphic is a completed 88 piece jigsaw from the Hero’s and Heroins series by the Lagoon Group, covering the iconic Ladybird Books Adventure from History series.


One of my five front burner Pocket Army projects is the 1066 Norman / Anglo - Saxon combo, but with so much in front of me to do, I suspected that this would not get even started until some time next year …… However!

A couple of ‘events’ have brought some command figures into my immediate possession and for one reason or another, these are likely to hit the painting sticks early and signal the project as started!

This post is just going to look at those nice command figures and discuss the plotting of the way forward. Please use the ‘read more’ tab for the rest of this post.

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Building a rail track to budget.

For my WWII mid war Pocket Armies project in 1/72, the time had come to build a railway. It has been started twice before and then momentum was lost, though I did get the engine shed built, but this time, with all of the parts assembled, the mini project was completed in just over a long weekend.

The good thing about doing railway terrain is there is an easy supply of purpose made items from the model railway hobby, but for our purposes, none of it needs to actually work, so buying up old track and trains that need repair, helps keep the price down.

Also, model rail outlets typically get involved with second hand items, importantly a range of buildings, so again, we begin the project with a slightly cheaper avenue of approach than might otherwise be the case.

This post covers a brief outline of the stages that the rail project took Please use the ‘read more’ tab for the rest of this post.