Saturday, 19 January 2019

ACW - Action at Mill Creek

I have spent the week going over my ACW rules Two Flags - One Nation, that are intended for using figures on hexed terrain. The idea being just to a bit of a tidy up in readiness for our next face-to-face game.

As well as the usual tidying up of text to better express some points, I settled on a few minor rule tweaks, so it seemed a good idea to set up the Mill Creek introductory scenario from the rule book, which is useful as a benchmark scenario for testing rule changes.

The rest of this post discusses the (quite) minor changes and shows some highlights of the game.

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Saturday, 29 December 2018

2018 into 2019

In good old blogging tradition, it is again that time to look both backwards and forwards with a rundown of various associated gaming highlights of 2018 and to think about shaping 2019 with plans that might even have a chance of surviving first contact.

And so, in no particular order;

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Monday, 24 December 2018

Good Gaming!

Just a quick update to current gaming and a note of thanks.

Each day since 15th December, I have been running a Battle of the Bulge campaign game to coincide with historical dates. The game is due to end on the 26th, so we are nearly there.

For those who have not come across the post, it is now quite lengthy, but hopefully entertaining, so if anyone has some spare time on their hands on Christmas Day, when the wargame part of the internet is quiet, then the below link will take you to a read that is long enough to need a cup of coffee to get you through it :-)


Thank you to all that read this blog and to those who show their visible support by 'Following'. The current post is running close to 10,000 words and in truth, simply would not happen without me knowing there is an audience that is actually interested in this sort of thing.

Thanks also to the traders who keep us in touch with the delights of the hobby, especially those supporting wargame shows.

I hope everyone enjoys the festive period and perhaps gets a chance for some quality gaming or reading. For those that have their time squeezed due to work commitments etc, I hope you get to do the thing that works best for you and thanks for keeping the wheel on, that allows everyone else to relax, especially the Forces,  emergency services and social carers and the many unsung heroes who just quietly get on with the task of keeping things going.

All good - Cheers Norm.