Monday, 24 August 2015

Free game - sample from Tigers at Minsk

Followers of the blog will be aware that I have developed a set of WWII tactical rules for using 10mm figures on hexed terrain. The rules have always been available as a free download.
Accepting that not everyone who is initially interested in the rules will have either the forces or the hex terrain to try the rules out, I have put together a few files that can be printed off to give everything the player needs to play scenario 3 from the rules.
There are five documents in the resource section below, they are;
1/ The rules to the game - Tigers at Minsk, a 44 page download (only 21 pages are rules, they are well spaced out and an easy read) which includes the Scenario 3 information.
2/ An intro sheet - which explains about printing the files and shows the game values represented on the game counters.
3/ Combat unit counters - sufficient for scenario 3
4/ Game admin counters - sufficient for any game
5/ A map - reflecting the terrain and hex grid used for scenario 3
All the files are held in my Dropbox (thank you Dropbox). When you try to download, you will probably get an invitation window to register with Dropbox. If you don't want to do that just close down the invitation panel and the download button will be revealed anyway.
In addition, I have included a link to an AAR from one of the other scenarios in the rule book.
Tigers at Minsk Rules - link
Combat units - link
Game Counters - link
Information sheet - links
Map - link
An AAR from one of the other scenarios in the rulebook - link

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