Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Into Battle - WWII Tactical


The Tigers at Minsk rules began life as a boardgame called Into Battle, which used a series of small scenario maps marked out with squares. 

In summer 2014, the design morphed into a hex and figure based game and as the final couple of scenarios were put into the rule set, the name changed to TaM, sharing the title of one of the newer scenarios.

The rules will remain in their hex format, plus I am working on a sister version for the open table, however the name is reverting back to its original title of Into Battle - WWII Tactical, better reflecting the general aim of the rules, which is to more widely cover the '39 to '45 land conflict.

Over the next few weeks, I will make efforts to change various documents and links to make it all a bit more cohesive. So in reality, nothing is changing, just the name and the August 2019 version remains current.


  1. ooohhh very exciting, Norm! Cant wait!

  2. Hi Steve, it does create that preparatory step of being able to move into those campaigns that are pre the development and existence of the Tiger tank itself.

  3. Norm, I have hexon tiles as you know. What scale would you recommend for forces using TaM?

  4. Hi JB. Kallistra is a 4” tile, so I have found 10mm (incl 12mm) and 6mm to be the best suited. The main reason for this is the stress that is put on the hex when including units and terrain in the hex at the same time and physically it allows two to three vehicles to easily sit in the hex.

    Moving to 15mm strains this and some adjustment is needed to the rules to reduce ‘stacking’, though if you go to the the Kallistra photo album on their Facebook page, there are some good examples of 15mm being used.

    Baccus have started a 6mm WWII range with Heroics and Ross having a comprehensive range, Pendraken have an established 10mm range and Victrix are growing a 12mm range.

    Timecast and Battlescene do some nice resin buildings in scales of choice.

    1. Cheers for the info Norm, I’ve been flirting with either a 1946 or early war theme coupled with TaM. It’s in the early planning stages at any rate.

  5. Title change is good for when you tackle early war.

  6. Hi Jonathan, yes, when I came to doing the western front ‘44 to ‘45 resulting in Tigers at Caen, I realised that ‘Tigers at’ was something of a dead end from a series perspective.


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