Saturday, 22 April 2023

The Wavre Campaign begins!

Thanks to everyone who threw their name into the ring for a place in the Wavre campaign game.

In the end it was over-subscribed for the 10 candidates needed and so drawing from a hat (literally) by Mrs. Wargamer became necessary. 

I have given individuals any preferences they had declared with regards to sides (Prussian or French) or command level (thank you ten sided dice!) and then names went back into the hat to redraw gamers against the individual formations that they would be responsible for.

All interested parties whether successful or not will now be contacted over the next few hours. 

Those not successfully drawn from the hat will get a guaranteed seat in the next campaign game that I run.

For those involved in this campaign, briefing packages will go out over the next few hours.

Each of you fought at Ligny just two days ago, where you witnessed the true misery of war at first hand and here you are again, tired, exhausted, yet the demand for one more effort must be answered.

I have started a campaign diary, so at the end of all of this, a full narrative will be posted here, so that all involved can have a fuller insight as to what was going on around them, the impact of decisions, the impact of the umpire’s systems and various battle outcomes and which hopefully will also be an interesting read for everyone else.

Time for me to hunker down in my HQ bunker as the sound of distant guns has already started.

Good luck to all involved and I hope that you each get a game that entertains.

(Note - using my iPad, I sometimes get an error message when trying to comment here or other blogs. I have found that pressing the PUBLISH button 4 times gets past the problem … no idea why).

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  1. Replies
    1. I am looking out of my window this morning and the weather is very reminiscent of the Belgian battlefield all those many years ago - so the mood is set.

      I think I may have my work cut out on this one, so I may be disappearing for a while :-)

    2. Well, come up for air occasionally.

    3. I knew it would be work, but it is probably double my expectations, 79 e-mails out-bound so far and turn 1 has not long started!

      I have 10 minutes to kill before leaving for the dentist (boohoo), which is why I am visiting here!

  2. Guessed correctly you would have a lot of takers for this. You are going to be busy, looked forward to reading of the fruit of your labours and participants endeavours in due course.

    1. Hi Phil, I had promised a while ago that I would proof read someones rules for a boardgame. this morning I spent a couple of hours getting briefing packages and and then …. Bumf! Draft rules dropped through my e-mail ….. looks like wargaming will be occupying my every waking hour …… wait! That’s a good thing :-)

  3. Likewise - I lacked the moral fortitude to volunteer to participate, but I am more than happy to follow along from the sidelines!

  4. Hi Keith, I’m really hoping that once turn 1 is out of the way, that the players find it rather easy going. i will be doing a lot of hand holding to make it worth smoothly behind the scenes.

  5. Good luck Norm, I'll pop back to see how it's going, it does sound like a lot of work!
    Best Iain

  6. Thanks Iain, we are just moving through turn 1. Corps commanders have directed and divisional (French) and Brigade (Prussian) commanders have given out their orders, so I am just at the part of translating all of that into move, counter-move, contact, battle, delay of orders etc on my battle map and already the interest is compelling in seeing the big picture (umpire), while commanders concentrate only on what is immediately within their influence.

    The participants seem to be enjoying it and I think that will only increase as they become involved in the battle and the tabletop action.

    I am already working on the campaign diary, which is essential because of the size of the task and I think writing it in the here and now preserves the first person perspective of the account.

  7. Will watch with interest Norm hope it goes well 👍

  8. Thanks Matt, I am pleased to say that it is everything that I hoped it would be.


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