Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Fake news from Fox's Gap

An unreliable source, possibly fake, has reported hearing shots and the roar of guns coming from the direction of Fox's Gap. The sister of the same ne'er-do-well, Dolly Daydream, claims to have seen horse teams and soldiers at the gallop on the Old Sharpsburg Road.

As it happens, our correspondent, Mr. Freitag was there only last week, talking to local residents about their concerns as to the proximity of Union and Confederate armies, but all was quiet at that time, other than a couple of map makers looking at potential defensive positions.

Jethro Fox, local farm-hand and a handy lad in a bar fight, said that he had brothers serving in both armies and that while he would love a visit from them, he didn't want to see them on the same day, not if they were on duty anyway.

Our artists impression of Fox's Gap
With other fake reports coming in from Crompton's Gap and Turner's Gap, there may be more to this fakery than meets the eye. Using state of the art technology, we have our man, the intrepid Monty Bartholomew Slackjaw Smythe up in one of those new-fangled observation balloon things over Fox's Gap and we hope to bring you his report soon.

Link to Jonathan's interesting outline to his Fox's Gap scenario. Please watch out for an early AAR.


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  1. Now the pressure is on, Norm. I better snap to it!

  2. I’m all set, terrain done and units deployed. Should start rolling dice tomorrow - I came close to exhausting the old tree collection!

  3. Looks excellent and await the outcomes of the battles with interest.

  4. "Jethro Fox, local farm-hand and a handy lad in a bar fight, said that he had brothers serving in both armies and that while he would love a visit from them, he didn't want to see them on the same day, not if they were on duty anyway."
    That's a clever thought. Well, it made me laugh :0)

  5. Very nice indeed


    Take care


  6. Thanks all, glad it entertained, just writing up some pre-game notes.

  7. Norm, the account from the first hour of battle has been published.

  8. What a very full first hour, right from the get-go. Bondurrant's artillery is a loss to the Confederates, but their resolve was pretty spectacular, holding their position for so long. At the start of the game, they look almost out of position, but it has worked well for them.

    Your first hour confirms my suspicions that the ridge wall will be a tough nut to crack, but you have given me some ideas on how to proceed (solitaire) with my opening moves.

    The scenario seems to be holding up very well and giving plenty of nuanced interest. Scammon looks like he only has enough offensive capacity for one more push.

    I have literally just started the 0900 hours turn and just came to the computer to check Google as to whether the 10lb Parrott's were rifled or smoothbore, so it was good to see your opening progress.

  9. I have just reached 0924 hours and have stopped play for today due to losing light (I don't want my pictures to have different standards of lighting) and my back is ragging! Boo Hiss. Will pick it up again tomorrow.

    I will say no more than Bondurrant is having a nightmare of a time, he was forced to retreat early doors, but has virtually nowhere to go due to the wall terrain behind him. Elsewhere, other developments are keeping this game tightly balanced, I have no idea which way this will go. There is potentially a lot to write up though, so I will spend the rest of the day building up the start of a draft blog post. Anyway - enjoying this very much, thanks for putting it together.

    1. Glad you are enjoying the scenario! As for Bondurrant, historically, he limbered up and moved up the hill (where the 23NC begins). Once upon the ridge, he moved off to take up a position near Wise Farm. I would allow Bondurrant to limber and move to the hex to his NE and then join the Ridge Road. There were numerous breaks in the wall such that a few guns in column could pass without great difficulty.

      Looking forward to your BatRep!

    2. Sorry to read your back is causing anguish.

      With Bondurrant abandoning his forward position early, it might make it easier for Scammon's Ohioans to take the ridge. I look forward to seeing how you fare.

  10. The battle has been fought - a full write up is now on the blog





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