Thursday 4 January 2024

Piggy Longton 1472 - picking up the story.

It is hard to believe that we are looking at the best part of a year since Piggy Longton was last visited and the chronicler set down their pen.

Over the next few weeks, we will be picking up on the trials and tribulations of our small hamlet, with a look at the start of 1472.

In preparation for this series of threads, I thought it worth returning to two posts. 

The first covers the concept of Piggy Longton and its geo-political history. This post first appeared in October 2020 and there will be new readers who will have missed it altogether and old readers who may just enjoy a dip back into the post.

The second is the most recent post, dated February 2023, when the rebel, Edward (Yorkist), makes approaches to Lord Darcy (Lancastrian) to gain his support in securing the crown. 

The meeting did not go so well and the conclusion of that post left us with three dilemmas.

Would Edward, together with Lord Trebian (Yorkist), make an attack on Piggy Longton?

Could the Bishop of Dungborough (Stephen the Fearless) get to London to warn the King that Edward was at large and had foreign mercenaries with him?

Lord Darcy had sent Sir John Delves to seek military aid from Somerset (4th Earl), how would that go?

We also have a new character, Sir. James de Giffard, the eldest son of Lord Darcy, who is being trusted to his first serious battle command.

Archers (Perry plastics) for Lord Stanley have just gone onto the painting sticks to give us another unit for our growing armies. 

At the end of last year, I bought a set of flags from Pete’s Flags for the Stanley brothers, so hopefully this year we will see their contingents arrive …… though they haven’t decided who they will side with yet :-)

Resource Section.

The origins of the Parish of Piggy Longton. LINK

The last post (Feb 2023) about Piggy Longton as covered by the chroniclers. LINK

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