Thursday, 14 September 2017

Stamford Bridge 1066

Invasion 1066: Stamford Bridge.

Now I wouldn't normally promote any of my own stuff like this, but Mr. ER Bickford has just put together a short ( 5 minutes) video replay of my Stamford Bridge design.

It's nice that he has taken the time to do it, but I think it is also worth looking at as an example of how effective a non-verbal video presentation can be.

Anyway - thank you Mr. Bickford.



  1. That was good. With the VP score interludes, I felt I was watching a sporting event. Built tension right to the last. A draw? Anticlimactic!

  2. I quite liked draws when designing the game as it reflected balance - players have to work for the win! and that means replaying the game a few times to get a feel as to how to best play each army.

  3. I liked the video a lot--his treatment of Hastings was good as well, but this was better (more detail).


  4. Hi Chris, yes, I think he has the balance right. When I asked the question here about video content, I was surprised how many people did not really 'go for it'. But perhaps as a group of people who inhabit the blogosphere, we just like to take a bit of quality time out to read. At 5 minutes in length, I think he held it down to something that worked well.