Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Blogger Puzzle!


I have recently ‘followed’ four blogs and I am not getting their updates on my Blog Page under the MY BLOG LIST section.

However, if I go into settings and select READER, they are there.

If I go via settings (template) to edit the Blog widget, which holds the name of each blog and their associated URL, then it becomes obvious that all of the blogs that do get onto my front page blog list have the text extension  '/feeds/posts/default' added after their basic URL address.

The  four that don’t just have their basic URL without this text extension added.

Using Chrome on a Chromebook, if I try to manually paste in that extension, I get a response that a feed is not being detected.

However, if I do the same edit in my iPad, then the edit works, can be saved and those blogs are immediately present on my front page.

The odd thing is that I generally find the iPad (using Safari) to have some awkwardness when in the blogger editing environment, while Chrome, a Google product (like Blogger) is always spot on.

Anyway it is sorted now for me, but the post is here to advise that it is not enough simply to press the follow button on a blog, as only the READER (under settings) will pick that up. To get it on the front page widget, a manual edit has to be made. It seem like a glitch on one of the updates as it never used to happen that way and in these modern days technology should be seamless.

Anyway, I may not even be right, but that seems how it is working for me.

It might be worth anyone reading this post to check their own followed list to ensure that they are getting the feeds that they have signed up to.

Likewise, anyone who has started following this blog over recent months, may want to check that these posts are hitting both the reading lists under settings and on the front page widget.

Go into SETTINGS, select TEMPLATE and edit the widget that deals with other peoples blogs. As you scroll down the list, all those who do not have the requisite extension attached to their URL will have collected at the very bottom of the list. You can click on each URL and add the extension;

After the dot com add          /feeds/posts/default

So that it looks like all the others in the list. Anyway, hope this helps in ensuring that we are all listed where wanted.


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